Artist weaves a web of lace at Limerick's Merchant's Quay

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

Artist weaves a web of lace at Limerick's Merchant's Quay

Polish artist NeSpoon working on her weblike artwork in the public plaza in Merchant’s Quay, which is inspired by Limerick lace Picture: Alan Place

AN extraordinary piece of art is weaving its way around a public space at City Hall.

The installation, by renowned Polish artist NeSpoon, is inspired by Limerick’s lace heritage and was unveiled this week.

The weblike artwork – made from lace and rubber – is located in the public plaza at Merchant’s Quay, set against a backdrop of the council’s offices, St Mary’s Cathedral and the courts complex.

The artwork is part of an upcoming multi-site exhibition celebrating Limerick’s history of lacemaking and contemporary lace forms. It is the first part of the Hybrid: Limerick Lace Liminal Identity exhibition and conference taking place from October 24 to November 4 and is a partnership project between Limerick Museum and Archives and Limerick School of Art and Design.

Giordana Giache, LSAD lecturer, said the installation was “like urban jewellery”.

“Enhancing what’s already there in a way that is very immediate. People can easily relate to this artform, it’s almost like a delicate and intricate spider’s web, all inspired by lace.

“It’s great to see people walking through the installation, touching it and taking selfies. We were thrilled that NeSpoon accepted our invitation to bring her celebration of lace to Limerick.”

The artist, who was taught how to make lace as a child by her grandmother, said it was “important to me to give lace a second life. This installation can be a metaphor for the close relations between our nations.”