Limerick's Anna's Anchor prepare for release of debut album

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

Limerick's Anna's Anchor prepare for release of debut album

Up-and-coming folk musician, Marty Ryan, also known as Anna’s Anchor, to release Nautical Miles in September

LIMERICK-based indie musician, Anna’s Anchor, will release his long-awaited debut album, Nautical Miles via Never Meant Records, on September 23.

Anna’s Anchor, the alias of University of Limerick graduate Marty Ryan, welcomed the new release.

“A nautical mile is a little bit longer than a mile. I find that with everything I do, be it academically, work or music related, I always have to work a little harder to get where I want to. Things generally don’t fall into place for me, I’m a grafter and struggle through, but I generally get there in the end and that’s what Nautical Miles means to me,” he explained. 

He added that his longlist of compositions is a “soulful amalgam” of emo, indie and pop. 

“In the grand scheme of things, very few bands ever get to release an album. Everyone dreams of doing an one, it’s a mountain of a project that takes a certain work ethic, steel and resolve. You only get to release your first album once and it’s an opportunity I’m very lucky to have worked myself into,” he enthused.  

This follows Marty’s single Signal Tower and eight-track The Islands EP. In 2015, Marty went to eight different Irish islands, and recorded and produced a track, inspired by each visit. 

“In a nutshell, last Summer I visited eight remote islands over an eight week period. I played a gig on each island, wrote a song on each and then returned home to record and release the song each week. eight weeks,  eight islands, eight gigs, eight songs.”

As part of the album launch experience, Marty will be touring with a full band to deliver the sound of his debut. 

“Touring with a full band is something I’ve been reluctant to do just because the project for the most part has been mine. But my few close friends that I’ve played the record for have been like: ‘Marty, this sounds so full, you owe it to yourself to at least promote the songs the way they sound.’ So, with that, I decided to do a once-off full band tour to commemorate the release of the album.”

Anna’s Anchor will start his album launch tour in Róisín Dubh Upstairs, Galway; on September 22,  Brú Bar, Cork, on September 23; Stormy Teacup, on September 24; and Fibbers, Dublin on September 25. He will have support acts, Losing Sleep and Homecomings.