Limerick's Weenz 'sells his sins' on new album

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

Limerick's Weenz 'sells his sins' on new album

Weenz’s new LP can be purchased on Bandcamp for €10

A PALLASGREEN recording artist has contributed to Limerick’s burgeoning hip-hop scene with a newly-released LP.

Keith “Weenz” Ryan, 29, last week shook a full house at Dolan’s Warehouse with his new locally-inspired hip-hop/rap album, entitled Selling You My Sins.

The launch of the 10-track album follows a publicity blitz, after Weenz rose to public prominence with his comedic Local Celebrity music video, which also features on the new album.

Though there is a light element to the release, the album reflects an honest account of the Pallasgreen rappers’ life in Limerick, he said. Ryan was previously part of the Campaign LK group, before they went their separate ways.

“I had to convince myself that my intentions in continuing to pursue a musical career were purely artistic and the only thing that made sense was to focus the storytelling on the pivotal moments in my history without the frills,” he said.

Though it is a solo release, Ryan worked with a plethora of producers and musicians, including Fabian Barrett, Joe Coffey, Ger Devine, Adrian Gotsomski, Shane ‘Dirt’ Davis, Mike Hogan and Cein Daly.

Weenz is hoping to market his year-long project during festival season, and is already considering verses for his next album. In the near future, the artist will release a spoken word track, he announced.

Selling You My Sins can be purchased for €10 on