Not cool, Chris: American storm puts dampener on second Limerick heatwave

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh


Not cool, Chris: American storm puts dampener on second Limerick heatwave

Temperatures to reach 25 degrees this week with a spell of rain on Thursday PICTURE: WINDY.COM

LIMERICK was meant to see temperatures exceed 30 degrees later this week—until Storm Chris popped up on the radar in America at the weekend.

According to numerous meteorological and media reports, Ireland was expected to experience a second — potentially hotter — heatwave on Thursday, with mercury rising to 32 degrees in Limerick.

However, after the tropical storm was first spotted off the North Carolina coast, predictions for Ireland’s second blast of sweltering heat may out the window.  

Though National Hurricane Center is likely to upgrade the east coast storm to a hurricane by Monday night, Ireland will only get the remnants of its aftermath, as it makes its way along the Canadian east coast.

According to Flood Information Service Ireland’s Facebook page, the storm could affect the jet stream over the north side of the Atlantic Ocean, changing climate patterns. However, it said that it is also possible that it will have no effect at all.

Last week, temperatures peaked in Limerick on Thursday and Friday at 32 degrees, the hottest heatwave in Ireland in living memory.

The UL Hospitals Group confirmed that, during the heatwave, there were a small number of sun- and heat-related illnesses presented at University Hospital Limerick, though there were no serious incidents reported.

In a statement, it said they saw “a small number of patients present to the emergency department over the last week with effects of sunburn, the majority of whom would be classed as minor in nature.  No patients have presented with significant concerns as a result of sunburn. The numbers are very typical given the recent weather”.

According to, temperatures are expected to peak at 25 degrees in Limerick this week.

Met Eireann says it will be partly cloudy during the week, with a spell of light rain expected to hit Limerick on Thursday.

It will be mainly cloudy from Friday to Sunday, it says.