Mooreabbey Milers O'Grady seventh at National Senior Championships

Lynda Hynes


Lynda Hynes


Mooreabbey Milers O'Grady seventh at National Senior Championships

Willie O'Donoghue and Larry O'Grady, of Mooreabbey Milers, pictured at a national event earlier this year

THE national senior championships went ahead amid government regulation changes over the past two weekends in Morton Stadium in Santry, Dublin.

It was the 148th consecutive Irish Life Health National Athletics Championship to be celebrated in these testing times. A championship that looked on the brink can now count the Covid-19 pandemic amongst the challenges it has faced which among others includes two world wars.

On Saturday Larry O'Grady competed in the senior discus competition amid a very strong field of contenders. Larry took a proud 7th place finish. 

Tom Talks Injury

How do we get injured? 
When we are born we crawl for a while then we learn to walk and shortly after we start to run. This is a totally natural process.

We will run play sport and develop through a variety of different movements. At least when I was a child this was the process, we played running games chases, football, soccer, throwing skills and loads of other games.

I don't remember anyone getting injured unless they fell or crashed into one another.
Nowadays children are not allowed to run around school yard they are special play areas and only a small group can use it at a time. Children are not developing physically.

Knee injury is very common in modern sport nowadays and in my opinion that is because in their sport they are turning in the same direction all the time this creates a weakness. If you do not work all your muscles properly they begin to weaken and then you are in danger of doing damage.

A lot of coaches are getting players to work both sides, turn left or right and be skilled on either side. (Move it or lose it) use them muscles or they become redundant and it takes a lot of work to bring them back to proper standard.

Another cause of injury in sport is when people collide in training or during a game and you hurt your leg hip or back. It may be a simple accident, but this could finish someone's playing career. It can become a repetitive injury, as you start re training and ad you are getting fit the old injury strikes and you have no choice but stop.

This is down to not getting the injury rehabbed properly. This may take time and be uncomfortable and even painful, but it will be worth it in the end. A good professional physio will get to the bottom of an injury and sort it but you have to be proactive in the process.

Tell them what happened where it hurts and if you are restricted in movement. The more information that you share the more they will be able to help. So many people go to their physio and expect them to figure out what is wrong with them.

Too many people give up playing sports too young due to injuries like these and as they get older find that their knee or hip may need to be replaced, due to years of misuse. This could be avoided just by acting and rehabbing that injury in time. We have often had people come to us to get fit and after a couple of weeks they just disappear without saying a word.

Even at a late stage they may be able to get sorted, but if you find yourself in this position tell the coach he or she will refer you to a good quality professional. Give yourself that chance to be active, this is such a gift and everyone should have it.

A lifestyle of inactivity can also mean that your body can become vulnerable as it gets weaker from lack of use. If you start to put on weight, then the extra weight and the weak muscles can lead to an injury. Like a dislocation or muscle or ligament tear.

The idea is to keep moving it or you could lose it.