Mooreabbey Milers: Training as groups help athletes develop

Lynda Hynes


Lynda Hynes


Mooreabbey Milers: Training as groups help athletes develop

Mooreabbey Milers members Willie O'Donoghue, Perry Power and Marie O'Shea on a warm up lap at training

ATHLETES need to train. It's how they stay healthy and how they better themselves.

From the novice athlete to the elite pro, training plays an important role in any sport for adults and youths alike. Professional training helps athletes of 'any' level.

It helps to build muscle strength, avoid injury and improve skills. Why is sports team training important? As the saying goes, practice the way you play.

When you step onto the field/road/hill you aren't alone. You're with your team. So why train alone? Train with a team and watch the entire group improve across the board.

Mooreabbey Milers is Galbally's local running club, but serves a wide geographical area spanning Tipperary, Limerick and Cork. Our club has great camaraderie.

We train as a team, play as a team and sometimes even win as a team. When our team trains together every teammate learns from each other and helps each other overcome obstacles.

Experiencing success and failure as a group boosts morale and promotes better teamwork. Team training improves communication.

Training as a group helps us develop and hone communication skills that we can take to the start line. The more time us athletes spend training together, the better we become at signaling and reading cues from other teammates.

In group training athletes feed off of each other's energy and are motivated to increase their own. A team training session encourages everyone to dig deep and find the strength they didn't know they had to achieve more.

For teams of any size, group training sessions boost accountability, efficiency and individual output.
Teammates motivate each other to come to training sessions on time, every time and give their best effort. Training as a team is more productive, rewarding and more most importantly fun. Training is work but it doesn't always have to feel like it.

Training for adults is currently taking place under the continued restrictions from Covid-19 so there is plenty of guidelines to be followed, but its like second nature to us all at this stage.

Training takes place on a Tuesday and Thursday night from 7pm to 8pm in the local community field in Galbally.

A booking system in conjunction with Athletics Ireland is in place where each member has to register for traceability each night they attend along with completing a health questionnaire before each training session.

A session begins with a warm up lap or two then it onto plyometrics, and flexibility exercises. This is followed by the core activity of the session where each runner, participate at their own pace, this can vary from 20/40s to ladders to Tempo runs.

Finally it's onto a cool down lap or two and some more flexibility exercises to rid your muscles of lactic acid, avoid injuries and build cohesion along with some great advice from coach Tom Blackburn.

New member Anne Barry joined us just a mere 8 weeks ago. Describing the club as a whole, Anne says there is only one word, 'inspirational'.

Anne stated it was great to see the different abilities so no matter whether you're a beginner or pro, you will find someone to pace yourself along with.

Anne said the club was very supportive and very encouraging. Registration costs €30 per calander year, which covers AAI registration, insurance, race entry fees for championship races.