Mooreabbey Milers athletes head to Galtymore

Lynda Hynes


Lynda Hynes


Mooreabbey Milers athletes head to Galtymore

Mooreabbey Milers Tom Blackburn pictured on Galtymore

LAST Saturday saw the second race of the IMRA Munster 2020 league series take place on Galtymore.

One hundred pre registered runners raced to top of Galtymore and back over peaks of Cush and Galtybeg.

The traditional route from Clydagh is a magnificent circuit taking in Cush and Galtybeg but this is however a fair test of each runners stamina. Galtymore or 'Galteemore' stands at 917.9 metres and is one of Ireland's highest mountains ranking 12th-highest peak in Ireland.

This race itself was 13 km long with a climb of 1,340 meters over some rough open mountain terrain. Out for the club on this one was Tom Blackburn who had a top 10 finish Dariusz Gazdowicz and Mary Louise Ryan whom also had a top 10 ladies finish.

Club member John Hayes was summit marshell with club support on all 3 summits from Marie O'Shea and family, Gerard and Jane Griffin, Willie O'Donoghue, Kevin Lenihan and Barry Hartnett. 

July Active Challenge
What better way to keep your mind in gear and the legs going than by setting yourself a challenge.

What's better than setting yourself a challenge is setting a family challenge because we all have a day or two where you try to put it off until tomorrow but if you've family to hold you to it you'll get up and out.

That is exactly what the extended Ryan family did. For the month of July the family collectively decided to hit the 1,000k mark. From Galbally to Galway to the geological wonderland of Indonesia which is divided by the Equator was where these kilometers were clocked up.

From the littlest legs to the ultra runner we had {Patricia, Robert, Ewan, Ryan & Ruairí}, {Mary Louise, Kitty, Tessa and Inez}, {Debbie, Damien, Kate, Crioa and Matthew}, {JT in the tropics} and {Niall, Breda, Fionn and Neala}.

Overall the family out done their target and amassed up 1,519+ between them all. What a great achievement and to get all the family involved no matter the distance.

Recce Runs 
Not fazed from his 13 k Galtymore race on Saturday Tom Blackburn along with Patricia Blackburn, Robert Cunningham, Willie O'Donoghue and Jason Collins headed for a 10.5k loop underneath Galtymore from Kings Yard reccing a course for a forthcoming world event. 

Tom Looks Inside Our Minds
We are all interested in the winning formula, and we all watch soccer, football, tugby, athletes and every other sport and have our own ideas on who will win and why.

But how many times does your bet go wrong at the last moment? I myself don't bet on others but I have often gambled on myself. I have found no matter how good you are you will be beaten it's only a matter of time, and time beats us all in the end. 

I trained with international runners from time to time, some very talented people, lovely people and some really tough guys. I discovered early on that when you train with these guys you need to be at the top of your game, otherwise you would be in bits afterwards.

I have seen lads train to a very high standard, in fact to where the body is at such a standard that one little push either way and an injury could end a season.

When you are in that kind of condition where everything is so finely balanced and you are not injured great things can happen but equally the worst things can happen. I believe the worst injury of all is the injury in the head where an athlete loses faith in his or her ability and all of a sudden you hear them say.

Oh I have a niggle in my hamstring or I have a twinge in my ankle, I don't think I should run this race. Or they will say oh who is running this, oh he is really a great runner, maybe I should do a few more weeks training before I race. 

When you psyche yourself out like this, the coach will have some job to sort you out. So many people go to the start line of a race and look around and decide before the race starts who will beat them and where they should position themselves to retain their position. 

From the time we are born we are all competitive, everyone has the ability to fight for their quarter.

As children we set limits on ourselves, the people we grow up with help or hinder us from reaching our dreams and ambitions.

In life we have big changes at different times, when we start school, when we play sports, when we start secondary school, when we start collage, when we start work and so on. Every time you move to a different section in your life you suffer stresses, a new pecking order is put in place.

You are part of this and as you go through life you can influence what limits are put on you and how much other people impose restrictions on you. I see loads of people who have spent years out of organised sports and want to start getting fit again, start a new hobby but find that they are locked into beliefs of what they can and cannot do.

That being said you also meet people who are super competitive and your biggest job is to hold them back from overdoing it.

In conclusion in life, remember this is your life, take your chance hold on to your dreams. If you miss that chance, you may get a second chance, if you do grab it with both hands and enjoy your life. You only get one so let it be your best one.

We are back at training on Tuesday and Thursday nights between 7 and 8 pm for adults only. Our set up has a new framework that we have to incorporate into our training schedule.

For contact tracing pre-booking is essential through our online booking system for our current members. 

Newbies: Always Welcome
Should you have interest in joining us at our training sessions please message us via our social media page Mooreabbey Milers AC on facebook and we will point your running shoes in the right direction.