Two Limerick stars named in Irish Hockey squad for four match series

Donn O'Sullivan


Donn O'Sullivan


Two Limerick stars named in Irish Hockey squad for four match series

Ireland's Hockey squad huddle up at training. Pic: Irish

Ireland hockey's head coach Graham Shaw has announced his squad for the upcoming four match series against Spain in Benalmadena.

Included in the panel of 29 are Limerick's Roisin Upton and Rebecca Barry. The duo, who play their club hockey with Cork Halequins, will play four games against Spain who are currently ranked at number 11 in the World. 

The series will be the first international fixtures of the year for the Green Army, following a fitness block of training overseen by their coach Shaw.  


1. Grace O Flanagan-Railway Union

2. Emma Buckley-Cork Harlequins

3. Clodagh Cassin-UCD

4. Zoe Wilson-Belfast Harlequins

5. Erin Getty-Queens (TBC)

6. Yvonne O’Byrne-Cork Harlequins

7. Lena Tice-UCD

8. Chloe Watkins-Bloemendaal (TBC)

9. Chloe Brown-Ards

10. Ali Meeke-Loreto

11. Lizzie Colvin-Belfast Harlequins

12. Anna O’Flanagan-Bloemendaal

13. Ellen Curran-UCD

14. Deirdre Duke-UCD

15. Nicola Evans-UHC Hamburg

16. Naomi Carroll-Cork Harlequins

17. Hannah Matthews-Loreto

18. Emma Russell-UCD

19. Sarah Torrans-Loreto

20. Rebecca Barry-Cork Harlequins

21. Emily Beatty-Pembroke

22. Aisling Naughton-Pembroke

23. Gill Pinder Pembroke

24. Shirley McCay-Pegasus

25. Leah McGuire-UCD

26. Roisin Upton-Cork Harlequins

27. Katie Mullan-UCD

28. Nicci Daly-Loreto

29. Kate Lloyd-Railway Union

*The participation of Chloe Watkins and Erin Getty will be dependent on results following injury assessment.

Match Details vs Spain in CHP Benalmadena:

February 6th at 7pm Ireland vs Spain

February 8th at 1pm Ireland vs Spain

February 10th 12pm Ireland vs Spain

February 11th 12pm Ireland vs Spain

*All times listed are local