Game Over Ball Burst : Who sponsors the draw?

Drawn British and Lions series missed a trick

Donn O'Sullivan


Donn O'Sullivan


Game Over Ball Burst : Who sponsors the draw?

All Blacks Captain Kieran Read and British and Irish Lions captain hold aloft the DHL trophy

MOST sports fans were left wondering what next, when Romain Poite blew the final whistle in Eden Park last weekend to bring the 2017 Lions series in New Zealand to an anti climatic conclusion.

The three tests were exciting to watch, exciting to analyse and if Sky Sports are to be believed, the greatest games of rugby played since the last time a rugby match was on Sky.

The issue remains however, that in the modern ‘sports entertainment’ World we live in, draws are not what the public want. The sporting public want winners and losers, nothing more.

How this eventuality was overlooked by the tour organisers is baffling, but I have a theory.

You see, everything from toothbrushes, to wine, to flip flops, to shower bags, to whisky, to cars, to home insurance, to life assurance, to socks, to shorts, to shoes, to booze, where all sponsored for the Lions.

My theory is this. No one sold the sponsorship of the draw. People might think that is being cynical or going against traditions of ‘drawn’ series, but when it was someone's job to produce a passport for BIL the Lion's mascot, (he actually had one) then it must have been someone else's job to figure out what would happen if the series was tied.

US Sports has taught us many things on this side of the water, but the biggest export they have given the World is sports sponsorship.

The Super Bowl half time commercials can often be more anticipated than the game itself. The US sporting nation do not ‘do’ draws. It is not in their DNA. There has to be a winner.

If you think I am being off the wall on this one, then just think back to last Saturday morning. Would you have liked extra time? Would you have liked extra time and then penalty kicks? Would you have liked a , next score wins scenario?

I know you are saying yes. The issue now is not whether future tours will have extra times, they will. It is now all about who is going to sponsor the draw?