Limerick's Iain Corbett sees inter county football as the pinnacle of career

Newcastlewest club man proud to wear Green of Limerick

Donn O'Sullivan


Donn O'Sullivan


Limerick's Iain Corbett sees inter county football as the pinnacle of career

Limerick Football captain Iain Corbett

LIMERICK senior football captain, Iain Corbett, is relishing the opportunity to getting another chance to play Wexford this season.

His side have been drawn against the Model County in the football qualifiers on June 24 and the Newcastlewest clubman feels that Limerick can go one better than they did in the league back in February.

”First off it is great to get a home draw. That is a boost to us. Having played them already, we know what they are like. We probably owe them one from that game, having lost in Wexford Park. We started very well that day. They reverted to a defensive set up and we struggled to deal with that on the day. That continued throughout the league, but we learned to be more patient as the league progressed”

Corbett, a member of the the Irish Army for over three years, based in Limerick, is aware that playing for Limerick may not be seen, from the outside, as a glamorous past time, but the captain on the pitch says that inter county football is where you test yourself against the best.

”It would be easy to just play away with the club side, if you wanted. If your club team was always in contention, that might be okay for some. Lads might be content with that. I think that playing for the county, even if you are not winning All Ireland’s, is the pinnacle for me.

Three or four games in the qualifiers is what makes better footballers of us all. It’s about being the best as an individual, that you can be. If you never played inter county, then you will never know.

“When you challenge yourself against the best footballers from all over Ireland, then you get a real sense of where you are at” admitted Corbett. 

 Iain was speaking at an even with Ballygowan Water, the official hydration partners for Limerick GAA.