Memories 50 years – O'Malley's White Paper welcomed


THE new proposals outlined in the White Paper which Mr. Donogh O’Malley, Minister for Health, submitted to the Government yesterday has aroused tremendous interest throughout the country.

Locally the proposals were generally welcomed and there seems to be a favourable reaction throughout the nation. It will take some time before the proposals become law and it is expected that there will be prolonged Dail debates on them. 

The following citizens were interviewed by Limerick Leader reporters today and asked for their views on the proposals contained in the White Paper. The general attitude seems to be favourable.

Ald. G. E. Russell described it as a step in the right direction, but felt that the proposals could contain provision for children’s allowances on the line of the Corporation scheme. 

Ald. S. Coughlan, T.D, said that he only glanced at the report and had not studied it yet. “We are satisfied with some of the proposals but we consider also that it has not gone far enough” he said.”Each case should be considered on its merits. Anybody with £1,200 now is considered to be in the middle income group and it is the single man who will score.