Moyross soccer club in new pitch battle

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Goal mouth: at the Moyross United soccer pitch were Johnny Corbett, Ger Cronin, Shane O'Connell, Ryan Corbett, Edward O'Gorman, Jordan Franklin, Dylan Franklin, Dion Leo, Sophie Quinn , Victoria Keogh O'Connor, Kerry Corbett, Parish Priest Fr Tony ORiordan, Tiernan O'Neill, principal, Corpus Christi, and Shay Glasheen, Moyross. Picture: Dermot Lynch
A NORTHSIDE soccer club provides recreation for youngsters wants to see improved drainage at their sports fields.

A NORTHSIDE soccer club provides recreation for youngsters wants to see improved drainage at their sports fields.

Management and players at Moyross United have called on the City Council, through the regeneration process, to donate some money to install a drainage facility on the fields.

Philip Power, secretary and manager at the club, argues that the pitches go to “pure muck” after one game, leaving subsequent games to be cancelled.

Northside councillor Maurice Quinlivan says the club has been a “victim of its own success”. This is because due to the number of trophies it has won in the last five years, it has meant more children have been interested, and more teams have been created.

Delmege Park man Philip said: “It is not a pitch: it is only a field. It cannot even take a shower of rain. When it rains, it goes to pure muck. We have two under-age teams. Normally on a Sunday, the junior match is on first, followed by the under-17s and under 18s. Most of those matches have been called off.”

He recalled that when the regeneration plans were put in place, a big emphasis was placed on sporting facilities.

Cllr Quinlivan said: “They have won lots of cups, but have received no funding and no support. It is about time the council looked at the club and gave it the support it deserved. If you look at the work people in the club are doing, it is saving a fortune, because it is getting children involved in sport.”

Former club captain Dean Quinn said the club - which has won 17 trophies in just five years - could really push on again if better facilities were put in place. “We have five teams playing on two pitches. Hopefully the regeneration board can do something about it,” he said.

He also praised the impact of Mr Power, saying: “Without him, there would be no Moyross United, and that’s a fact. We lost a club in this area many years ago, Glenagross. But Moyross United is still standing tall. The only way it can be stronger is if it gets better facilities.”

Another former player John Quinn said due to poor facilities, many youngsters have gone to clubs in other parts of the city. “But we would like them to play here. If there are more people helping out, I think Moyross would be a much better place,” he explained.

Corpus Christi school principal Tiernan O’Neill said the club is very important to the community, especially to the youngsters, and investments in new facilities are crucial to its future.