The road to a better world begins here - discover the Toyota Hybrid range at Brian Geary’s


The road to a better world begins here -  discover the Toyota Hybrid range at Brian Geary’s

Discover the Toyota Hybrid range at Brian Geary’s

Right now, Toyota is the No. 1 selling car brand in Ireland, with 93% Hybrid sales and four of the top eight selling cars are Toyota Hybrids: Corolla, RAV4, Yaris and C-HR. Toyota also have the lowest CO2 average of any of the major car brands in Ireland and Europe.

We want to do right by the planet, but we need to do right by ourselves too. Amidst a storm of information and misinformation, the choices can seem confusing. As Ireland’s most trusted car brand, Toyota is perfectly placed to help you cut through the noise and start your electric journey with confidence.


Hybrid Electric is the here and now. Drive a Toyota Hybrid, and you're already in electric mode, more than 50% of the time. Toyota have mastered Hybrid technology starting way back in 1999 and Brian Geary Toyota have been selling Hybrid in Limerick since. Toyota have led the world in sustainable mobility and that's why Toyota have just released all 24,000 of their Hybrid patents to the world, so everyone can join us on the road to a better world. today.

How do self-charging Toyota Hybrids work?

There is nothing complicated about driving a Toyota self-charging Hybrid. Toyota Hybrids have two power sources: a battery and a petrol engine. The hybrid system switches seamlessly between power sources automatically using the electric motors to drive the vehicle, whilst the petrol engine supplies power when needed. There is no plug to charge. The battery is charged while you are driving your car.

Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicle gives you the flexibility to drive using electric energy, or a blend of petrol and electric combined. As a result, Toyota self-charging Hybrids not only save you fuel and money, but they also offer lower CO2 and NOX emissions when compared to conventional engine meaning you can be kinder to the planet and improve air quality for people around you.

Toyota ceased production of diesel passenger cars in 2018, and since 1997 they’ve sold over 17 million self-charging Hybrid vehicles globally, reducing CO2 emissions by 140 million tonnes. So join us on our journey to better. To lower emissions and a cleaner, greener world for everyone. After all, Toyota been at the forefront of hybrid electric innovation for over 25 years.

Each Toyota Self Charging Hybrid comes with a 3 year or 100,000km comprehensive warranty and a standard five-year or 100,000km warranty for Hybrid parts. On top of their comprehensive 5 year or 100,000 Km Hybrid Battery Warranty, customers can benefit from the Hybrid Battery Extended Care for up to 15 years giving complete peace of mind.

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