Limerick activist wants river access restored at new wall

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Limerick activist wants river access restored at new wall

Seanie Quinlivan wants access points restored along Verdant Place and the King’s Island area - Picture: Michael Cowhey

A NEW wall erected by Limerick City and County Council following floods at the King’s Island must be changed to incorporate access to the river.

That’s the view of St Mary’s Park activist Seanie Quinlivan who is fearful for the safety of fishermen if access is not provided.

Limerick City and County Council erected a new wall along Verdant Place following the floods of 2014.

The wall runs solid, with no access to steps down to the riverbank until the King’s Island community centre. Steps are in place, but the wall does not provide access.

And this has left Mr Quinlivan concerned.

“We use the steps going into the water for fishing. All the steps which are blocked need to be opened up. It’s a health and safety issue,” he said.

“If people get into trouble down there, how are they going to get help? There is nobody down there. If I’m down here and I'm fishing at night, and suddenly someone in Ardnacrusha power station decides to open the water gate, I’ll be in trouble," he added.