Census figures reveal details of same sex partnerships in Limerick 

Anne Sheridan


Anne Sheridan



Census figures reveal details of same sex partnerships in Limerick 

Men are more likely to apply for a divorce than women

SOME 126 same-sex civil partnerships were recorded in Limerick last year, the first time they have been documented in the Census.

Last year’s Census marked the first time that this relationship category was recorded in an Irish census, with 4,226 civil partnerships in the State, 738 in Munster and 126 in Limerick.

The number of single people rose to  65,473, or 42.2% of those aged 15 and over, which was above the percentage in the State overall. A further 70,272 people (45.2%) were married for the first time, compared to 46% nationally.

The number of divorced people who remarried in Limerick was 2,174. Males were much more likely to remarry after divorce, with 41.7% doing so, compared to just 31.8% of females.

The number of divorcees increased by 457 to 3,776, and accounted for 2.4% of those aged 15 and over.

The 8,537 widowed persons comprised 5.5% of those aged above 15 years.

The number of people living alone increased by 559 to 17,624, and of these, almost four in 10 (6,892) were aged 65 and over, with women accounting for 61.8%.

Labour Housing spokesperson, deputy Jan O’Sullivan, said that the Census figures showing nearly half a million adults are still living with their parents, highlight the lack of affordability in the housing and rental sector.

The latest figures from the CSO reveal almost 270,000 men and 190,000 women aged 18 and over remain in the family home.

“That so many adults are still living at home with their parents highlights the extent to which young people in particular are finding it simply unaffordable to rent, or later buy a house,” said Deputy O’Sullivan.