Feathered friends in need of families in Limerick 

Rebecca Laffan


Rebecca Laffan



Feathered friends in need of families in Limerick 

Learn how you can save these birds from slaughter by welcoming them into your home

THIS month, LittleHill Animal Rescue and Sanctuary will bring hundreds of ex-commercial hens to county Limerick for people to adopt and save from slaughter. 

After spending the first year of their lives in small cages at a factory farm, chickens’ egg production decreases very slightly, and they are no longer considered profitable to keep, and egg-laying hens are routinely culled at this young age to make way for a more productive flock.

“This might mean that these hens lay five or six eggs per week, rather than seven,” said Susan Anderson, founder of the charity. 

LittleHill rescues and rehomes as many chickens as possible from several caged farms throughout the country, giving them the opportunity to experience long and stress-free lives.

“We started rescuing chickens as I hated the fact that these girls are killed without ever experiencing a moment of compassion, or even the outside world – the grass or the sky,” explained Susan, “most of our hens live for a few more years after we rescue them, and make the best little companions.”

Indeed, many adopters report that their rescue hens become important members of their families. 

“We love our clever little hens,” said Jo O’Donnell of Murroe, “they enjoy being stroked and cuddled and just being loved.”

LittleHill’s volunteers will bring hens to Castletroy and Newcastle West on October 12, returning to Castletroy on the 20th and Newcastle West on the 27th.

To book your very own feathered companions, potential adopters must send a private message to the charity’s Facebook page, LittleHill Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, stating the pick-up location, date and the number of hens they would like to adopt.