Limerick Fashion: Flying the flag for Limerick - Celia Holman Lee

Celia Holman Lee


Celia Holman Lee

Limerick Fashion: Flying the flag for Limerick - Celia Holman Lee

Celia features in the Limerick, Atlantic Edge, European Embrace, imagery outside Colbert Station

IT’S hard to believe that it’s been a year since Limerick’s new brand, Limerick, Atlantic Edge, European Embrace, was launched last January.

As part of the brand roll-out, some well-known Limerick personalities were featured in marketing material.

Yours truly was proud to be featured and photographed in the Sailors Home by Sean Curtin from True Media as part of the initial campaign.

I’m thrilled now that banners have been installed on poles outside Colbert Station on Parnell Street featuring some imagery to support the new Limerick brand.

I’m delighted to feature on the imagery as I grew up not far from where the banners are installed.

I am a proud Limerick woman and always try my best to fly the flag for Limerick at any opportunity.


Over Christmas I had a wonderful time watching Jack and the Beanstalk, the pantomime by the University Concert Hall Limerick. I love going to the annual pantomime every year with the grandkids, we always enjoy it.

However, of course, this was not possible this festive season due to Covid-19.

Instead, this year, the pantomime is available to watch online until January 10 and tickets can be purchased at or for more information check out the University Concert Hall Facebook page.

I would definitely recommend watching it - it's such a fantastic production as always!