BTYSE: Castletroy College looks to build on previous success

Martin Mongan


Martin Mongan


BTYSE: Castletroy College looks to build on previous success

Orna Collins and Aronnya Zakaria launched studies at Castletroy College

CASTLETROY College continues to build on their recent BT Young Scientist success as two projects reach the 2021 final.

Last year, Castletroy College students Cathal O’Mara and James O’Malley came runners up in the group award for their project titled Bin Buddy – A SMART Sorting Bin. The students were in the Technology category at Junior level.

Orna Collins, came second in the Chemical, Physical and Mathematical Junior Individual awards for her project A Plastic for Our Planet – Toward a Sustainable Biodegradable.

Orna has reached the final again this year for her Covidiocy - An Emerging Phenomenon project, which focuses on how adolescents respond to government guidelines regarding Covid-19.

She surveyed students from 20 schools including Castletroy College about the confidence they have in their school with the measures they are taking to prevent the spread of Covid-19, their opinion on vaccinations, wearing masks and using hand sanitiser.

Aronnya Zakaria’s project focuses on how society and home life influences children’s attitude towards racism.

Aronnya surveyed children between the ages of five and seven, from two local primary schools and children from her neighbourhood, online and through video call.

The survey helped to categorize what characteristics young children perceive as beautiful and pretty.

The BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition will take place virtually between January 6 and January 8.