Limerick seminar to teach parents about TikTok

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter


Limerick seminar to teach parents about TikTok

Grahan Mulhern, CEO of BeSecureOnline

IF you have seen your children doing lots of new dance moves and are wondering why then Limerick Education Centre has the event for you.

A Social Media Awareness Seminar will be given by Grahan Mulhern, CEO of BeSecureOnline, on Wednesday, October 14 (tomorrow) at 8pm.

Graham said one of the aims is to tell parents about TikTok, as well as Snapchat and Instagram, if they don't know and "practical steps they can take right now"

Other topics covered in the online talk include:

Developing online reputation and the extreme importance of it in world

Recommendations for the safe use of social media


How to keep yourself safe online

Online wellbeing

Graham said: "Take advantage of the internet. Don’t let it take advantage of you”

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