Limerick Fashion: Ploughing down memory lane - Celia Holman Lee

Celia Holman-Lee


Celia Holman-Lee

Limerick Fashion: Ploughing down memory lane - Celia Holman Lee

I do appreciate the huge attraction that is the Ploughing Championships!

THE year 2020 has been a year like no other, especially for those who are self employed. As the pandemic took hold in March, I sat and watched as jobs that I had been part of for as long as I can remember, were cancelled, one after the other.

This week I should have been getting up at the crack of dawn, heading away on a minibus with all the beautiful Limerick models and crew to Ballintrane, Co Carlow.

The plan was to spend three incredible days at the National Ploughing Championships. I’ve been part of the Ploughing Championships since they were held here in Crecora so many years ago and I have so many fond memories of the event. Year after year the atmosphere at the ploughing is electric. There are three fashion shows a day with over 300 people at each show.

The fashion dome is generally located at the centre of the site with up to 13 fashion houses taking part ranging from menswear to ladies wear and even bridal wear. The appreciation of the models, the clothes and crew is so heartwarming - it’s an atmosphere you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world, distinctly Irish and kind!

A great highlight of the event is the visit from RTÉ to the fashion dome every year which provides great exposure not only for the agency, but for the fashion houses also.

If you have experienced the Ploughing Championships before you’ll understand how much of a loss it is this year to everyone, with record breaking numbers attending every year. I miss it so much, but we have to remember, this is one page out of a whole novel, and there’s much more to be written and read.

All our love to the ploughing family.

Celia xx