Covid-19 funding boost for Limerick radio stations

David Hurley


David Hurley


Covid-19 funding boost for Limerick radio stations

€155,000 has been granted to Live 95 and Spin South West

Limerick-based radio stations Live 95 and Spin South West are set to receive €155,000 in funding under the new Sound and Vision Covid-19 Initiative.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland received a total of 32 applications from independent commercial radio stations across the country, seeking total funding in the region of €2.75m.

Live 95 is to receive €95,000 while Spin South West will receive €60,000.

The applications were evaluated according to the assessment criteria, which included: the public value of the proposals; the feasibility; the value for money; and, the track record of the applicant. 

“Overall, we were very pleased with the standard of the applications, which showed a varied and innovative approach to project content. This funding will have a significant impact on the independent commercial broadcasting sector, facilitating them to provide bespoke Covid-19 programme content that speaks directly to and for its audience," said Michael O’Keefe, CEO of the BAI.

"It will facilitate a more structured and planned approach to the pandemic which will include informed and effective engagement with, and by, local groups representing a broad range of expertise across health, social, business, community and voluntary groups. It will also offer content that is interactive, engaging and provides for a high level of social content and community outreach that would otherwise not be possible,” he added.

Deputy Kieran O’Donnell has welcomed the allocation of funding to the two Limerick-based radio stations. 

“Now, more than ever, it is crucial that people in Limerick have access to reliable and trusted information. This Sound and Vision Covid-19 Initiative requested from the BAI by Minister (Richard) Bruton, is designed to ensure that independent radio stations can provide that to the public throughout the pandemic,” he said.