Google data shows impact of Covid-19 restrictions on movement in Limerick

David Hurley


David Hurley


Google data shows impact of Covid-19 restrictions on movement in Limerick

The N20 is normally busy with traffic. It has been almost deserted in recent weeks

THE impact of the Covid-19 restrictions on the movement in people in Limerick has been laid bare in new data published by Google.

The tech giant has gathered information from users of its technology, to examine how travel patterns have altered across the country in recent weeks. 

The Government has asked people to stay at home and not to travel unless absolutely necessary up until Easter Sunday at least. Those over 70 have been asked to cocoon.

Schools have been closed since March 13 and all but non-essential businesses have been shut down.

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Google’s Covid-19 Community Mobility Report shows that visits and the length of stay at various places have dramatically changed, compared to the first few weeks of the year. 

In Limerick, there has been an 82% drop in the amount of travel to places classified as 'Retail and Recreation' .

This includes shopping centres, cinemas and restaurants but excludes grocery stores and pharmacies. 

Visits to public spaces such as parks have fallen by 57% while the amount of travel to workplaces has reduced by 46%.

The has been a drop of 74% to what are described as “transit stations” which includes bus stops and train stations.

According to the Google data, mobility trends relating to people’s homes have increased by 21% in Limerick over the past few weeks.