32 extra gardai deployed to traffic duty in Limerick in Christmas safety initiative

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh



32 extra gardai deployed to traffic duty in Limerick in Christmas safety initiative

MORE THAN 30 extra gardai have been assigned to intensive traffic duty in Limerick over the coming weeks. 

This is part of An Garda Siochan's Open City initiative, which will see the deployment of 197 gardai nationwide to minimise traffic disruption to the general public, through high visibility and enforcement activity in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. 

The Open City programme is a multi-agency approach between the gardai, the National Transport Authority, local authorities and transport providers. 

There will be particular focus on traffic management issues around car parks at major shopping areas. 

During the operation enhanced communication will be provided to the public by An Garda Síochána and relevant stakeholders through the use of social media, websites, smart phone apps and roadside variable message signs.

The 197 gardai, who all recently graduated last Friday, take up duty today. 

Dublin will receive 89 gardai, 32 will be dispatched to Cork, and 32 assigned to Limerick. The remaining 44 have been deployed to border divisions. 

Operation ‘Open City’ will be run alongside the Christmas Road Safety Enforcement Campaign with both operations focused on reducing road fatalities and keeping people safe.

Here's some safety advice for the Christmas holidays 
• Be careful when withdrawing money from cash machines and financial institutions.
• Mind your belongings when in crowded areas. Use a handbag or shoulder bag that can be held securely.
• Don’t leave bags or valuables visible inside a parked cars. 
• Park your car in a controlled car park and retain the parking ticket on your person.
• Always lock your car securely when leaving it unattended, even for brief period.
• Report any incident to Gardaí, immediately.