Local heroes to be honoured in county Limerick town

Norma Prendiville


Norma Prendiville



Local heroes to be honoured in county Limerick town

The scheme is meant to acknowledge efforts made by locals to better their community

RATHKEALE Community Council is determined to honour its own local heroes and has come up with its very own scheme to do so: the Rathkeale Rising Challenge Champion Award. 

“The aim of the award scheme is to thank the ordinary folk who make Rathkeale a better place to live and to encourage more people to join in and get involved,” said David Lamont, a member of the community council and the man who is spearheading the award scheme. 

“This is the first year we are running it,” he said, “but we hope it will continue and get even better as more people learn about it.”

There are no special categories or headings for the scheme, Mr Lamont said and this was quite deliberate. “How could you put the guy picking litter for two hours into competition with the guy who maybe picks up the phone and can deliver €100,000 in resources?” he asked. Both are contributing to making their town a better place to live. 

“As this is our first year doing it, I honestly don’t know what level of participation we will get,” Mr Lamont continued. “I can personally name at least two dozen people who do make the town a better place to be.”

Champions he added are  likely to be the coaches, club or society administrators and regular volunteers who do everything from organising, to fundraising to tidying up the town. They may also include those who bring credit to the town regionally, nationally and internationally.

Already, Mr Lamont said, a number of nominations have come in but there is still plenty of time before nominations close on Friday, November 1. 

An  awards ceremony is planned where champions will receive their  town’s thanks and a unique Challenge Coin as a keepsake. Business sponsors may add to the awards. Mr Lamont is keen to stress that it is not a competition and is convinced that all nominees will be worthy champions. But nominations must demonstrate  in what way the person nominated makes their community better. 

The Champion Challenge Award is all about building up community spirit, he said, and acknowledging Rathkeale as a good place to live. 

Details of the scheme  and nomination forms are online here. Paper forms are available at the Rathkeale Community Centre.