Melbourne Rose meets one for the future in her old County Limerick school

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Melbourne Rose meets one for the future in her old County Limerick school

Jordan posing with Caherconlish pupils including Ruth O'Sullivan who was a Rose Bud at this year's festival in Tralee

THE MELBOURNE Rose relived the past and saw into the future during her visit to Caherconlish NS.

Jordan Balfry, from Boskill, attended the school when she was a little girl and met pupil, Ruth O’Sullivan, who would like to take part in the Rose of Tralee in the years to come.

Jordan called into her alma mater before she returned to Australia where she works in a maximum security men’s prison.

Pa Ryan, principal, said they had the Limerick, Ireland and Australian flags flying high.

“Jordan received a warm welcome from all the boys and girls as she answered lots of questions and told them all about her recent experience in the Dome as she participated in the recent International Rose of Tralee Festival.

“She recalled all the outfits she had to have and the fun that she had over the whole week in Tralee and her live TV experience with Daithi O Sé,” said Pa.

He said that Jordan told the children she was extremely proud to represent her parish, county and country and spoke of her fond memories of being a pupil.

“Indeed, Jordan’s number one fan from Caherconlish NS is Ruth O’Sullivan who was selected to be a Rosebud during the festival. She wore the Longford sash for the week and has aspirations in the future to follow in Jordan’s footsteps,” said Pa.

Before the daughter of proud parents Frank and Caroline left to start her year of official engagements as the Melbourne Rose in Australia, she said that she would definitely recommend becoming a Rose or escort in the future.

Pa expressed his gratitude to Jordan for taking the time to visit.

Jordan, a forensic occupational therapist who works as part of the acute psychiatric team in the prison, said it was “a fantastic experience and such an honour to return to my old school”.

“I was given a very warm welcome. To see the Australian and Limerick flags side by side was very touching, and I enjoyed answering all the questions about what life is like down under and my experience in Tralee,” said Jordan.