First day of school for gorgeous Limerick quads

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


First day of school for gorgeous Limerick quads

The Slattery Quads first day at Caherline national school - Lucas, Lily, Amelia and Mollie Picture: Michael Cowhey

THE SLATTERY quadruplets from Caherconlish marked another milestone on their miraculous journey when they started school this Wednesday.

Lucas, Lily, Mollie and Amelia, aged five, skipped into Caherline NS without a care in the world. They hardly looked back to wave at mum and dad, Grace and James. It was a double celebration as they were married nine years ago to the day.

“They were super excited. They couldn’t wait to start and see their friends and teacher. It was the same when they went to preschool, they ran in, not a bother,” said Grace.

However, mum admits she had the tissues out. 

“Even though I'm so happy for them to go off and they are so ready for it - it’s kind of a mixed feeling. It’s not that I want them to stay at home with me or anything like that. It’s emotional seeing them go off and to see how far we have come, thinking back to the pregnancy and I didn’t even know if they would survive or not, and especially Amelia and her CDH (congenital diaphragmatic hernia). We were told she wasn’t going to survive. To see them all going off now is just amazing. They are a real miracle,” smiled Grace.

It is hard to believe that at birth Amelia weighed 4.3lbs; Lucas, 3.10lbs; Lily, 3.4lbs and Mollie, 2.15lbs. As the gorgeous photograph shows, they are the picture of health and happiness.

“They are all different but they got on great. They have a great bond and look out for each other. They are extremely social, they're not shy at all, they are very happy. They are good at making friends and including people. I'm always trying to tell them not to leave someone out and they do do it. They are well able to stand up for themselves and speak up.” said Grace.

The fab four are well used to making headlines but coincidentally so too is their junior infants teacher. The story of Orlagh Eichholz marrying Richie Tuohy, of Merkel flag flame, and being sent a congratulatory letter by the German chancellor went around the globe.

Gearoid Power, Caherline NS principal, welcomed the Slattery quads and all the children starting – 20 in total.

“I hope they all will have a fantastic time in Caherline NS and that they will be able to reach their full, true potential,” said Gearoid.

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