Day in my shoes - Louise Miller, Soul Roll Sushi

Rolling stone gathers no moss

Rolling stone gathers no moss

Hard at work: Louise Miller serving a tasty lunch at Soul Rolls at the Milk Market PICTURE: Michael Cowhey

What time do you get up?

I get up at just before 7am on a weekday to get ready for work and to get the kids ready for school but on Market day, I get up at 4:30am to prep for the day ahead.

What is your normal breakfast?

Usually my homemade granola, berries and a nice strong black coffee!

Do you go for a walk or to the gym before/after the office?

I try to get out for a run a few times a week after the kids have departed for school to clear the head before a days work but it doesn’t always happen!

What time do you arrive at the office?

During the week I am at my desk for around 9am but on Saturdays I arrive at the Milk Market at around 5:30am.

What are you first duties?

On Saturday mornings there is a lot of prep work to be done. Our Sushi Rolls are Burrito Style and the Bowl is as the name suggests, both are freshly made-to-order. There is a lot of preparation involved in order to have all the fish, salad ingredients and rice ready to go. We also make our own Mayo – Wasabi and Lemon and Dill. Our menu consists of healthy, delicious lunch alternatives.

How many cups of coffee/tea would you drink a day?

Usually only one really good strong cup of coffee on weekday mornings is enough but on Saturdays I might have two to three to keep me going as I have been up so early!

What is normal lunch, do you have a favourite place?

I usually make a salad at home but I love all kinds of food and trying out new places when I can.

Do you have many meetings during the day?

A lot of my work is done online and over the phone but I do meet with suppliers to discuss orders for the Saturday at the Milk Market.

What time do you finish up at?

On Market days I usually finish up at around 3:30pm and week days around 5pm.

Do you watch much TV?

When I get a chance I love watching food programmes and documentaries on Netflix and Amazon Prime like, ‘Street Food’, ‘The Mind of a Chef’ and my children, Saoirse and Oisín, and I love watching ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ on Netflix together.

Do you read the newspapers?

Not really as I don’t get around to it but I’ll pick one up and read through it if it’s in front of me especially the Limerick Leader!

What do you do to relax?

I love buying new cookbooks and I am like a child on Christmas morning when they arrive. My favourite thing to relax is sitting down with a glass of wine, reading them and planning on what new recipes to try out next.

Are you able to leave the office behind?

With having two jobs it’s not easy to forget about work. If I am not thinking about one, I am thinking about the other, especially with Soul Rolls, I can’t stop thinking of new ideas and creations that I want to introduce to the Soul Rolls menu but I am limited to what I can do as we only operate one day a week at the moment.

What is a perfect work day?

When everything goes to plan!

Do you ever lose the cool and if so what would make you annoyed?

I don’t really lose my cool but sometimes I might get irritated or a bit annoyed when I am feeling tired or a bit stressed. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful family and team around me at Soul Rolls to help when the going gets tough.