Lovely Limerick quads are ready-made flower girls and page boys for bride Lisa

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Lovely Limerick quads are ready-made flower girls and page boys for bride Lisa

Lisa and Wayne with their four little helpers Alex, Max, Kayla and Ashley PICTURE: PAUL MULLINS

WHEN LISA Fenton and Wayne Downey began planning their wedding day they didn’t have to look too far to find the perfect page boys and flower girls.

They had some ready made candidates in their gorgeous two-year-old quadruplets - Alex, Ashley, Max and Kayla. The fab four were all 3lbs when they made history in 2016 as the first set of quads born in Limerick in 50 years. Almost three years on from their births, the girls looked gorgeous in their cream lace gowns while the boys were dressed to impress in their navy waistcoats and trousers. 

Lisa, from Caherconlish, and Wayne, Croom, got married this month in the Killarney Oaks Hotel surrounded by family and friends. Lisa looked stunning in a sublime fitted ivory halter neck designer dress from Virginia Bridal. A dapper Mr Downey wore navy like his sons.

Lisa said it was an easy decision when it came to the page boys and flower girls and there was no “terrible twos” behaviour.

“They were brilliant. I was actually shocked. With kids you don’t know how it is going to go. We have been speaking about it for months beforehand to prep them for what was coming. They were so good on the day.

“My goddaughter Caitlyn Collins O’Leary, who is four and that little bit older, led the way. Then the bridesmaids walked in with a page boy and flower girl each,” said Lisa.

The couple got married in front of friends and family in an intimate ceremony in the hotel. Planning weddings is stressful enough not to mind raising quadruplets as well.

“Obviously, we did plan on getting married but we were wondering should we wait until they are a little bit older and then we said there was no time like the present so we said we would go for it. 

“We got engaged two years ago on my birthday which is July 31 and then got married almost exactly two years later on August 2,” said Lisa, who thanked all their families and friends - especially Tiri Paki and Jackie Cagney - for their support in the run up to the wedding.

And while it was a magical day that they will never forget, Lisa joked: “I won’t lie. I am delighted that it is over so we can get back to our normal.” 

Understandably there was no two weeks in Cancun or the Bahamas. They got four nights in Galway.

“That is the longest we’ve got to stay away since they lads were born. It was lovely just to relax and chill out and spend time together,” said Lisa.

Now she and Wayne are looking forward to seeing Alex, Ashley, Max and Kayla start pre-school.

“They are not smallies anymore. They have thrived. We are blessed. I can’t believe it is three years since they were born and I can’t even believe we are talking about pre-school in September,” she smiled.