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Parents of Limerick heartthrob Greg make surprise visit to Love Island villa

Parents of Limerick heartthrob Greg make surprise visit to Love Island villa

Greg O'Shea meets his mum at the Love Island Villa | PICTURE: Virgin Media / ITV

LIMERICK’S Greg O’Shea receives a huge surprise in this Sunday’s episode of Love Island on when his parents pay a surprise visit to the Spanish villa.

And viewers of the Virgin Media Two show will also find out that the rugby player, who has been paired with Amber, are set to feature in Monday’s finale of the hit show.

The Islanders are relaxing in the garden when Curtis receives a text. Sitting with Maura, the pair gasp as a picture appears of Curtis and Maura’s families.

Longford’s Maura says to the other Islanders “He’s got a family photo. Oh my God, that’s my mother!” The other Islanders rush over and point out that the photo has been taken outside the front of the villa.

Curtis’ mum and dad and Maura’s mum and her mum’s boyfriend then enter the villa.

Maura speaks in the Beach Hut about the surprise saying: “It just doesn’t seem real. My mammy and her boyfriend in the Love Island villa!”

As Curtis is reunited with his parents, Curtis’ dad jokes “I’ve seen some of your dance moves but not the ones I taught you!” Curtis heads over to the sun deck with his parents.

Speaking about the dirty dancing challenge, Curtis’ mum says “When you came out in those pink hot pants, we were rolling on the floor screaming with laughter!”

Curtis’ mum then says “Moira is beautiful. She’s lovely. I think you just gel because she’s got fire!” Curtis corrects his mum after she pronounced her name incorrectly “Maura!”

Over at the swing seat, Maura is keen to know what her mum thinks of Curtis. Maura’s mum says “He’s nice. I’m trusting your judgment. And I know you’re not a bad judge of character. If you’re happy, then I am happy.”

Maura and Curtis then bring their families together but Maura is nervous at the thought of meeting Curtis’ family.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, she says “I say some random stuff in here and I’m not sure if parents would like that!”

But it appears Maura has nothing to worry about. Curtis’ dad says to Maura “I like your explosive ways!” Maura replies: “They call me Hurricane Maura in here but I’m not that explosive at home!”

Before it’s time for their families to leave, Curtis and Maura get a group selfie. Maura reflects in the Beach Hut, she says “A cuddle from your mammy, that’s all you need.”

Shortly afterwards, India’s mum and sister arrive at the villa, along with Ovie’s brother and cousin.

Ovie’s brother expresses how proud he is of Ovie on how he has handled himself in the villa. “I like the way you’ve been handling situations. There were certain things where I thought people were taking liberties!”

India’s mum is also impressed with Ovie’s relaxed nature. Speaking with India, she says “He’s so calm. And you’re a bit wild!”

The families soon come together on the bean bags. Speaking in the Beach Hut about meeting India’s family for the first time, Ovie says “I was a bit nervous to meet Ruby [India’s sister] because India told me she’s a tough cookie.”

As Ovie sits down, India’s mum jokes “You’re much better looking in real life!” India’s sister says to Ovie “We’ve been so excited to meet you. We said if she drew her perfect boyfriend, it would definitely be you.”

India’s mum adds “She’s absolutely smitten, I can tell. You’ve definitely got all of our approval.” India is keen to know what Ovie’s brother thinks of her. Ovie’s brother says “I like that you’re just chilling. You’re relaxed. There’s no drama.”

Next, Molly-Mae’s mum and sister arrive at the villa, along with Tommy’s mum and brother. After being reunited with her family, Molly-Mae gets emotional. “I’ve not seen my mum or my sister in over eight weeks now. I just burst into tears! It was the best feeling in the world.”

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Tommy says “To see them walk through the door, it was one of the best feelings I’ve had in my entire life. I can’t put into words how happy I am to see both of them.”

Molly-Mae’s mum meets Tommy for the first time and she is definitely impressed. Molly-Mae’s mum says “Oh my God, look at those shoulders!”

Molly-Mae heads over to the sun deck with her mum and sister. Molly-Mae says “He’s just my type to a T, isn’t he?” Molly-Mae’s mum jokes “I want him.”

Over at the day beds, Tommy’s mum says “I’m very proud of you” while his  brother adds “You’ve smashed it lad.”

Tommy’s mum gives her seal of approval on Molly-Mae. She says “You’ve picked a nice girl. She’s a lovely girl. You’re so well suited.” Similarly, Molly-Mae’s mum can see the connection between the pair. She says “We actually adore him. The two of you are just amazing.”

The families soon come together on the day beds. Molly-Mae’s mum says to Tommy’s mum “You’ve brought this lad up well! But you’ve not taught him how to cook very well!”

Tommy’s mum says “I enjoy doing it for him! But in all honesty, I should’ve taught him some life skills.”

Tommy reflects on his mum travelling to Mallorca to see him. He says to his fellow Islanders “That woman hasn’t got on a plane in 16 years!”

Amber and Greg’s families then arrive at the villa. At the fire pit with her parents, Amber jokes “Can you believe I’ve got this far?”

Amber’s dad says “Everyone at home has been so proud!”

Eying up the villa’s pool, he then jokes “Can me and your mam do the salmon?”

Amber’s mum says “You’ve been on such a journey darling. But you’ve handled it like a boss. You’ve been so strong.”

Over at the swing seat, Greg’s mum says to him “You look really natural together. I think she’s [Amber] lovely!”

Amber and Greg’s families then come together on the swing seat.

Greg’s mum then presents Amber with a gift. Greg’s mum says “A little gift from Ireland. A shamrock!”

Amber’s dad jokes “We’ve haven’t got you anything, so you can have my right flip-flop!”

Amber reflects in the Beach Hut on Greg’s mum’s present to her. She says “She said ‘I’ve got you this little lucky Irish shamrock for being so lovely to my son’ I love that!”

As Amber and Greg’s families get ready to leave the villa, Amber’s dad says to Greg “Well done Greg. You’ve made her smile again, for sure.”

Finally, Anton and Belle’s families make their entrance.

Anton is blown away by his mum and uncle being in the villa. In the Beach Hut, he says “It was a bit surreal seeing my mum. I’ve missed her so much. Just seeing her face was unbelievable.”

Anton appears nervous on meeting Belle’s dad for the first time. Anton says to Belle’s dad “We’ve got a few words to have.”

Belle’s dad says “We’ll have ‘the’ chat later.”

Anton heads over to the fire pit with his mum. Anton’s mum confesses to him that she was getting upset during his first few weeks in the villa. Anton asks “Why?” Anton’s mum says “Because you were getting pied all the time!”

Belle’s keen to know what her parents think of Anton. Belle’s mum says “He’s got a sweet side.”

Anton also wants to know his mum and uncle’s views on Belle. Anton’s mum says “I didn’t like her at first. But I get her. And what I like about her is she’s stood up for you the whole time. She’s got your back.”

Anton and Belle’s families then come together at the fire pit. Anton’s mum then gifts Belle with a razor. It looks as if she is ready to hand over her role to Belle.

Speaking about Anton and Belle’s relationship, Belle’s dad says “You’ve had a few frosty moments. But you’ve done alright.”

Conversation soon shifts to Anton and Belle’s explosive moment at the Island Club, after Anton branded Anna the best kisser in the villa.

But what will Belle’s parents’ view be on the matter?


The Islanders were recently vested with a tough decision, as each couple had to choose one other couple to dump from the Island.

After receiving one or more votes, Anton & Belle, India & Ovie and Curtis & Maura were left at risk of being dumped off the Island.

The public were then given the opportunity to vote to save their favourite couple. But it is now time to find out who will be leaving the Island.

Caroline makes her entrance and asks all the Islanders to gather at the fire pit. She reveals that the Islander votes have put three couples at risk, meaning two couples are safe and through to the Love Island Final.

It is then revealed that Amber & Greg and Molly-Mae & Tommy are safe and will not be leaving the Island tonight. 

However, Anton & Belle, India & Ovie and Curtis & Maura are vulnerable.

Caroline then tells the Islanders that the public have been voting to save their favourite couple, and that the couple with the fewest votes will be dumped from the Island.

But out of those three couples, who received the fewest votes and will be dumped from the Island?

Love Island airs on Virgin Media two at 9pm this Sunday

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