Touching gesture for beloved dog in Limerick forest park brings ‘lump to the throat’

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Touching gesture for beloved dog in Limerick forest park brings ‘lump to the throat’

Gone but certainly not forgotten: Paddington

A LIMERICK mum was walking with her young sons in Curraghchase Forest Park when she was stopped in her tracks.

Sarah O’Donoghue’s eldest boy had spotted a big picture of a dog next to a tree and a basin full of tennis balls.

On the top of the photograph are paw prints and the words: “Please take a ball and play with your dog in memory of Paddington, the best little friend ever. Paddington loved fetch so keep it or drop it back for another dog to enjoy. Treasure this day with your dog as there are never enough.”

Sarah, from Askeaton but living in Limerick city, took a photograph and shared it on Twitter on Wednesday. To date it has been ‘liked’ over 1,600 times. Sarah said she has been “blown away” by the response.

“I was walking in Curraghchase on Wednesday afternoon with my sons, aged three and five. Myself and my five-year-old were walking across the grass when he spotted it. 

He said, ‘Awh mammy, look at the lovely doggy’s picture and his toys - let's go see!’ 

“So we stopped to have a look. I read the inscription with a lump in my throat and misty-eyed. All I could think was how loved this lucky dog had been,” said Sarah, who added what an incredibly sweet and thoughtful way for his owners to remember and honour Paddington. 

Sarah took a snap of the photograph and basin full of balls and shared it on social media. It is located just off the main car-park, close to where the picnic and barbecue area is. 

“I felt it would be only right for the kindness of Paddington’s family to be shared in tribute, and perhaps inspire others to do something as thoughtful,” said Sarah.

She hopes Paddington’s family hear about this story so they “see the reaction of so many and how moved people are by their memorial to him”.