St Mary’s Rugby Club in Limerick gets Super boost from local store

Jim Garvey, Supervalu

Jim Garvey, Supervalu

FOLLOWING an investment in new energy upgrades, Garvey’s SuperValu has donated more than €9,000 to St Mary’s Rugby Club in Limerick in order for the charity to carry out important upgrades on their own energy system. 

The newly renovated supermarket in Corbally invested heavily in the installation of new, more energy efficient, refrigeration units with doors. 

This store upgrade focused on reducing their energy consumption, which brought down the cost of their energy bills by €22,000 year on year. 

“Energy efficiency is a term that we are becoming more and more familiar with these days and to me, it makes sense,” SuperValu Corbally owner Jim Garvey said. 

“By fitting new refrigeration in the store, we’ve already seen our energy bills reduce significantly and at the same time we are generating energy efficiency awareness among our customers.” 

The most recent Garvey’s SuperValu energy upgrade was all part of a wider community suitability scheme in association with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

The scheme sees stores such as Garvey’s SuperValu and others across the country invest  as part of their endeavours to build sustainable communities around Ireland.

Garvey’s SuperValu chose local organisation, St Mary’s Rugby Club as their charity to partner with on this programme. 

As a result St Mary’s Rugby Club received more than €9,000 in funding to carry out all-important energy upgrades to their own facilities. 

“We wanted to give back to our community with our donation to St Mary’s Rugby Club,” Mr Garvey said. 

“We hope that not only will they be able to continue the fantastic work they do providing a healthy outlet for both young and old members of our community, but also continue to become more and more energy efficient like ourselves.”

The rugby club chose to upgrade their insulation and lighting, sending money back into the club due to reduced yearly energy bills, and also resulting in better quality and more comfortable conditions for those players and coaching staff using the facilities.