Mad for road as Limerick councillor Frankie Daly welcomes progress on works

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Cllr Frankie Daly has helped secure some road resurfacing in Corbally

Cllr Frankie Daly has helped secure some road resurfacing in Corbally

RESIDENTS living in a Limerick estate have received a boost after works commenced to install footpaths on roads popular with dog walkers.

Independent councillor Frankie Daly has confirmed that the local authority has spent over €50,000 working to upgrade a series of roads in Corbally, including Lucas Drive, Cois Abhainn and Carabullawn.

There has been resurfacing and footpaths put in place, he said.

“This was a three-year campaign, done on an incremental basis. In year one, we got some of the road done, year two, we had a further piece. I’m glad to report after a four-year campaign, the final piece of the road has been completed,” he told The Leader.

He said the impact of this project cannot be understated.

“The footpaths are due to be installed in the next weeks. There are significant improvements there for dog walkers. It's something I am most proud of in that area. It’s been perseverance by residents. It’s a great news story for Corbally,” he said. “A lot of residents will benefit from this. It just makes it safe for kids walking about.”

Meanwhile, Cllr Daly has also been working to secure the resurfacing of a section of the Ennis Road, between its junctions with Ashbrooke and Fort Mary Park.

At present, he said the road is in a very poor state.

“It’s a moon-like structure at the moment, full of craters. It hasn’t been resurfaced in 30 years, it’s only been patched along.  It’s very bumpy,” he said.

“​I’ve been working on this the last three years, so we are just waiting for the contractors to come in,” he added. “It’s significant from a local roads budget, as you can only do a certain amount each year. This is something I’ve been championing, and it’s a welcome story for the people of the Ennis Road. I was delighted to champion this.”

Around 150 metres of road will be resurfaced on the northside.