Limerick people urged to have their say on modern electoral register

Jess Casey


Jess Casey


Limerick people urged to have their say on modern electoral register

A public consultation is underway

LIMERICK people are urged to have their say on the modernisation of the electoral register process, following the launch of a public consultation. 

A review of the current register is long overdue in Limerick, according to Limerick city north Labour candidate Conor Sheehan. 

“The current register is incomplete and inaccurate,” Mr Sheehan said. 

“I know from experience that there are dead people still on the register and some people on the register twice after submitting a change of address form.”

“In my own submission,  I will be making the case for a single central live register of electors that allows people to register online and change their address in a user friendly manner. The register needs to be flexible as more people live in rented accommodation than ever before.” 

“The incomplete nature of the register at the moment makes it easy for people who may erroneously receive two polling cards commit electoral fraud by voting twice.”

“The public consultation runs until March 15 and people can find out more information at and give their views by email to:”

Reform of the electoral register has been put on the long finger, despite being highlighted in two separate Oireachtas reports, he added.