Limerick running buddies pull the last straw with biodegradable products

Anthony Geoghegan


Anthony Geoghegan

Brian O’Callaghan, co-founder and M.D. of Ecostraws

Brian O’Callaghan, co-founder and M.D. of Ecostraws

A new Limerick company is distributing drinking straws to not only save the ocean but to also offer an extra treat to nibble on.

Ecostraws, founded by members of Bilbao Athletic Club in Cappamore, Brian O’Callaghan, Sarah Keyes and Anthony Egan,  supply biodegradable drinking straws and cutlery.

The trio’s idea sparked during a run after attending the National Geographic Symphony for our World performance at the Gaelic Grounds back in September.

Mr O’Callaghan, the Managing Director of Ecostraws, said that the performance “struck a chord” with himself and his co-founders.

A week before the launch, the European Parliament announced the banning of single-use plastics by 2021 as they make up 70% of ocean waste.

This was an opportune and expected change for the startup; however, Mr O’Callaghan did not anticipate how soon the ban would be announced.

“The mindset is changing, and your head would have to be buried in the sand to not realise the current movement,” Mr O’Callaghan claimed.

The catalogue provides a variety of flavours of straws such as bamboo, glass, stainless steel and even edible straws which are proving an early favourite with customers.

“The chocolate flavoured straws are used often when drinking hot chocolate and a few cafés in Limerick have also sent some enquiries about them already with Christmas coming up,” Mr O’Callaghan explained.

Ecostraws also provide reusable coffee cups or “Ecocups” and environmentally-friendly cutlery.

Mr O’Callaghan is pleased to see the city and county’s proactive attitude to environmentally-friendly projects and is also looking forward to work with more local clients in the future.

“Being a local business allows us to provide that personal touch in wanting to support other local business, so their support is important,” the Knockainey native added.

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