Limerick woman Vicky Phelan calls for apology after Scally inquiry

Fintan Walsh, Health Correspondent


Fintan Walsh, Health Correspondent


Limerick woman Vicky Phelan calls for apology after Scally inquiry

Dr Vicky Phelan said she was 'upset' after not receiving report until this Wednesday PICTURE: ADRIAN BUTLER

THE LIMERICK woman who first exposed the CervicalCheck scandal has called for the authorities to apologise following the findings published by Dr Gabriel Scally in his report this week. 

Dr Gabriel Scally, who led the independent inquiry into the CervicalCheck scandal, concluded that the screening programme was “doomed to fail at some point”. 

While he said he was satisfied with the quality of testing at the various CervicalCheck labs, he said how women and families affected by the scandal were told about the audit was “damaging, hurtful and offensive”. 

Speaking on RTE Radio One, Ms Phelan said she was “upset” that she was one of the last to see the reports. 

“[It was] another kick in the teeth really. Of all people. I was especially trying to push this with Gabriel Scally and Simon [Harris] on Thursday and Friday and said: ‘Well, I am one of the terms of reference, really, I have a right to see this information before everybody else.’”

Annacotty woman Vicky Phelan received €2.5m in a High Court settlement against a United States laboratory after she was not informed of an audit into an incorrect smear test from 2011. 

In January, she was told by experts that she had just months to live. 

In a tweet this Wednesday afternoon, Dr Phelan said:

“It is time for some people to eat some humble pie and perhaps apologise. I won't hold my breath though.”