‘Magical folks here in Limerick’: Stranger Things actor in city to work on new film

Maria Flannery


Maria Flannery



‘Magical folks here in Limerick’: Stranger Things actor in city to work on new film

Matthew Modine as Dr Martin Brenner in Stranger Things

AN AMERICAN actor known for his roles in Stranger Things and Full Metal Jacket, among others, is in Limerick to work on a new film project.

And Matthew Modine is using his time in the city to get to know its culture and people, tweeting his findings along the way.

Having first revealed his location on Twitter, the actor explained: “I’m here filming. Lucky me! Magical folks here in Limerick.”

According to informed industry sources, Modine is not filming in Troy Studios but is thought to be here as part of a low budget movie that is being shot around Limerick and the Mid-West.

The actor most recently gained prominence through his role as antagonist Dr Martin Brenner in Stranger Things. He has also appeared in The Dark Knight Rises, Birdy and Weeds.

Limerick’s metropolitan mayor, Cllr Daniel Butler, tweeted the actor: “Welcome to Limerick a former national City of Culture and European city of culture finalist. We hope you enjoy your stay and if we can be of any help please feel free to get in touch.”

“Thank you kindly Mr Mayor,” was the response. “I’m enjoying my stay and looking forward to filming in and around your fair city!”

The actor also commented on street art in the city, agreeing that it can have a transformative effect on a space. However, he is not a fan of the eye-pop mural on Nicholas Street!

One Twitter user suggested that Modine eat at Donkey Fords - to which he replied: “I’m vegan.”

He said that he has been eating at The Underdog, Hook and Ladder and The Old Fire Station, which he said are “all top notch eateries!”

In addition, he has been enjoying shops and bars in Limerick city, and he even went to Mass on Sunday.

“Went to mass this morning and never met so many hellos and good mornings in my life,” he said of the Irish welcome.