Limerick Business Leader: Firm ‘Rings’ changes with capture of ex-Chamber boss

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

 Former Chamber CEO Dr James Ring has taken up a position with Hartstonge Street-based company Ingenium Training and Consulting

 Former Chamber CEO Dr James Ring has taken up a position with Hartstonge Street-based company Ingenium Training and Consulting

Former Limerick Chamber CEO Dr James Ring has taken up a position with city-based company Ingenium Training and Consulting:

What prompted the move from the Limerick Chamber to Ingenium?

An opportunity arose at Ingenium, the consulting firm, and I just had to take it. The founder, Hugh O’Donnell, spoke to me about taking on the role and it seemed like the ideal role for me. Hugh will be staying on at Ingenium as a senior consultant.

What appealed to you about working at Ingenium?

Well when the job came up, I felt as if it were made for me - in terms of how I view the world. I believe consultancy companies should help other companies, and people to reach their potential and pull out all the stops to make it happen. Ingenium is a company that strives for complete excellence, and this really aligns with my own outlooks and motivations. It was a good match. 

What are you hoping to achieve as CEO of Ingenium?

I want to make Ingenium a real player on a global scale - at the moment, we’re on every continent, but I want to take this further. I want the Ingenium name to be well known worldwide, and I want people to know what it stands for, namely, quality, innovation, and excellence.

What is the core of your business philosophy?

Informed decision making is the core of everything we do. I believe that balanced decision makers make better choices, both for themselves and for their businesses. Within a company, this can make you a very valuable asset. 

What kind of clients do you work with at Ingenium?

Usually we will work with managing directors or chief executives of small to medium dized firms, and the full management teams of our corporate clients. We’ve found that that position can sometimes be a lonely place to be, as when you’re in the top seat, you’re expected to know everything.

Oftentimes these people are very technically skilled staff members who have risen through the ranks of a company, but haven’t necessarily been trained in things like leadership, work culture, organisational development, people management, or cash flow management. This is where Ingenium comes in.

What does Ingenium’s work entail?

We work directly with management and chief executives, offering advice, and guidance every step of the way. We help our clients to figure out where their organisation is and where they want it to go, equipping them with the tools to reach the answers themselves. With this kind of support, our clients can bring their companies in a new direction, or onto new levels of business growth.

Why do your clients come to you?

I think more and more companies are realising how important work culture and people development is in achieving the overall strategic goals of the company. If you don’t have people, you have nothing, it’s as simple as that. 

How do you think Ingenium fares as a whole?

Alongside me I have Hugh, I have a strong board of directors who are experienced in a whole range of industries, and with their support and the support of the wider staff I think Ingenium can move onto a higher level and really start to play on a global scale.