New plan opens up a world of possibilities for Limerick village

Norma Prendiville


Norma Prendiville


New plan opens up a world of possibilities for Limerick village

Cllr John Sheahan with John Anthony Culhane, right and senior executive engineer Ben Noonan at the launch of the Glin Public Realm and Tourism Plan

THE blueprint for a new-look Glin and for an invigorated future for the estuary village has been unveiled.

The Glin Public Realm and Tourism Plan has “the potential to transform the town”, local councillor and chairman of Newcastle West Municipal District, John Sheahan said, when he launched the plan before a large audience in the local library at the weekend.

“Today is a great day for Glin,” he said. I believe these proposals will be hugely beneficial to this stunning town here on the Shannon Estuary.

“I’ve always believed in Glin’s potential and that it has largely been untapped but the execution of this plan will go a long way to realising this potential.”

“Glin is one of Ireland’s best kept secrets,” Cllr Sheahan said, remarking that the reaction of those coming to Glin for the first time is always ‘why did I not hear of Glin before’.

“This plan will go about addressing that as well,” he said.

The plan was funded by Limerick City and County Council and carried out in conjunction with Glin Development Association.

But, said Gordon Daly, director of services with Limerick City and County Council: “The plan would not have been possible without the input and enthusiasm of the local community.

“It’s very exciting for all involved to see it being published today.”

“Our priority now is to move onto implementation and ensuring that the potential of this hugely attractive town is finally realised,” he said.


The plan is intended to  capitalise on the many assets of Glin which is rich in history, culture and heritage and has a wide variety of amenities and activities on offer.

“It also takes as a starting point Glin’s coastal location, its inclusion as a spur of the Wild Atlantic Way and its prime position on the Shannon Estuary Way.

The plan sets out nine different headings, each with short, medium and long-term projects, which, taken together will enhance and transform Glin.

The plan outlines measures to improve the approaches to Glin with bespoke signage, de-cluttering and tree-planting. It also proposes a new design for the Main Street and Square to transform it into a welcoming space for outdoor events, markets and cultural events.

An overhaul of footpaths and street surfaces with improved street furniture, tree planting and lighting and putting cables underground are included  along with a strategy for improving buildings and dealing with dereliction.

A conservation management plan for the town’s many heritage sites is proposed along with plans to extend and improve existing walking trails and to investigate the potential for cycle trails and adventure sports.

The plan also suggests a feasibility study for Castle Grounds as a potential host of heritage events and festivals and its inclusion in routes of sporting events.

It also suggests investigating an eco-friendly  sewerage treatment and integrated wetland plant in the Castle Grounds.

Some of the most ambitious proposals revolve around the pier which would include  providing a permanent stepped platform and diving area as well as facilities for additional water sports and pontoons.  

The plan includes a proposal for a boardwalk along the shore, and public facilities such as changing rooms, toilets and improved picnic areas.

In addition, the plan outlines improvements to the town park and to public playing areas within the town.

“It is a very ambitious plan and it won’t happen overnight,” John Anthony Culhane, chairman of Glin Development Association. “But Glin has a very good track record in developing good ideas and seeing them through.  

“Provided we get the back-up, the support and the funds from the council and other funding bodies, we can do it.”

There was huge enthusiasm for the plan he said but he reassured people that there would be further consultation before any elements of the plan were implemented.