Limerick youth group ‘D’Islanders’ visits Merseyside

Jess Casey


Jess Casey


Limerick youth group‘D’Islanders’ visits Merseyside

Members of D'Islanders pictured during their trip to Merseyside

MEMBERS of ‘D’Islanders’ youth group, a branch of Limerick Youth Service, recently enjoyed an action-packed trip to Liverpool, at the invitation of a prestigious theatre company.

The group from LYS were invited Merseyside by Emma Burns of the 20 Stories High Art Group, who saw the young people perform on stage at the Belltable as part of the ‘Queens of the Island Field’ play.

The play ran for three sold-old nights at the Belltable last November. “Emma was so impressed by the young people that and was adamant that they visit Liverpool so we couldn’t say no!’ said Gillian Boland of LYS. 

Ms Burns is part of the 20 Stories High community arts group which based at the famous Blue Coat Theatre, one of the oldest performing arts centres in the United Kingdom. 

“The Blue Coat Theatre is celebrating its 300th anniversary making, so for our girls to be invited was a great honour,” Gillian said. 

While at the Blue Coat Theatre the girls were given a private tour and saw rehearsals of Indebted: The Mix Tape, the latest production by 20 Stories High.

Away from the arts centre the young people experienced a theatre of another kind as they paid a visit to Anfield, home of Liverpool FC.