Irish Water announce supply restrictions in Co Limerick

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Irish Water announce supply restrictions in Co Limerick

A hosepipe ban remains in place for the month of July

IRISH Water has announced a number of night-time supply restrictions across Co Limerick as drought conditions continue.

In order to conserve water during this sustained spell of hot weather, water supplies will be restricted between midnight and 6am this weekend in Pallasgreen, Herbertstown, Knocklong, Hospital and Oola.

Meanwhile, a hosepipe ban remains in place until the end of the month, with the use of such a device banned for watering gardens, cleaning vehicles, filling swimming pools, filling ponds, and ornamental fountains among other things.

This Friday, Irish Water has renewed ita appeal to people to conserve water as best they can, due to depleting water levels in rivers, lakes and ground water sources.

The utility said it will take sustained rainfall over many weeks and even months to replenish raw water levels in rivers, lakes and groundwater sources and treated drinking water levels in our storage reservoirs.

Speaking about the need for continued water conservation Irish Water’s Corporate Affairs Manager Kate Gannon said

“We are really grateful for the measures that people have taken to conserve water so far and we hope that the National Water Conservation Order (hosepipe ban) will continue to make people more mindful of their responsibilities and the impact their water usage is having on their neighbours and communities. We know that the vast majority of people are supporting the ban, though we have reports of around 40 incidents of hosepipe usage in contravention of it and we again appeal to those people to comply with these essential minimum measures to safeguard our water supplies,” she said.

“Our Drought Management team are meeting daily to assess and analyse water demand and consumption levels for every area in the country. As water levels continue to deplete in rivers and lakes and groundwater sources run dry, we will assess if further restrictions are required to help protect water supplies now and for the months ahead. Met Éireann has forecast that high temperatures will remain for the foreseeable future and this highlights the need for everyone to play their part and conserve water as much as possible, to follow our advice and tips and to comply with the Water Conservation Order in place.”