Hoax call to Limerick Fire Service condemned as 'despicable act'

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts



Hoax call to Limerick Fire Service condemned as 'despicable act'

The fire service received a report of someone entering the Shannon by the Treaty Stone PICTURE: ADRIAN BUTLER

GARDAI have launched an investigation after the Limerick Fire and Rescue Service received a hoax call warning of someone in distress on the Shannon this Sunday.

The emergency service was alerted to a person entering the River Shannon beside the Treaty Stone at around 12.10pm this Sunday lunchtime As a result of this, three units of the fire brigade attended the scene, while Swiftwater Rescue Crews launched their ‘Fireswift’ vessel on the River.

However, upon arriving at the scene, and following an investigation, the call was determined to be a hoax.

The incident has been condemned as “despicable” by Senator Kieran O’Donnell, who added: “We have emergency services on standby to deal with real crises, and the fact you could have a situation where they could be called out to a hoax call and you could have another situation where someone’s life could be danger. It’s something we need to look at. It’s coming up too frequently.”

He pledged to take the matter up with the gardai and the local authority to ensure there are consequences for those who “effectively tie up vital emergency services”

“They are there on standby for a reason, to deal when people’s lives are in danger. Do people realise there are major consequences in what’s happening here,” he asked, “I know from taking to people in the fire service that they are really frustrated by this. These people do phenomenal work on a daily basis.”