WATCH: Defence Forces seek Limerick recruits to “join our team”

David Hurley


David Hurley


WATCH: Defence Forces seek Limerick recruits to “join our team”

Pte Ezra Nugent (left) from Ardnacrusha and Pte Cormac Doyle (right) from Doon during the dig in phase of a recent training exercise

THE Defence Forces is seeking to recruit new personnel from the Limerick region as part its “Join Our Team” campaign, writes David Hurley.

A national recruitment process is underway following which almost 50 additional personnel will be assigned to the 12th Infantry Battallion at Sarsfield Barracks.

“What we find is that we get applicants from all over the country and we end up training them and then they move out of Limerick but what we want is local Limerick people who have an interest in serving long-term at Sarsfield Barracks,” said Lieutenant  Seamus Shannon.

Those interested in a career in the Defence Forces can do so  online by applying at

Successful applicants will have to complete 17 weeks of initial training which will be followed by a further three months of training once  they take up their duties.

“We are looking for somebody who is a team player, somebody who is physically robust, somebody who wants to work in an outdoor environment, somebody who enjoys the challenge of a disciplined environment and somebody who is willing to serve in an overseas environment from time time to time,” said Lieutenant Shannon.

Applicants must be aged between 18 and 25 and they will be asked to attend an assesment day as part of the selection process.

The deadline for applications on April 22, next with the training expected to start in September.