New superintendent appointed to head up County Limerick district 

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


New superintendent and gardai to start in County Limerick district 

Niall Featherstone has been appointed as Superintendent for the Bruff garda district

THE Latest head of the Bruff Garda District – Superintendent Niall Featherstone – will commence his new role this Friday.

Since Supt Tom Lundon was transferred to Dublin in October 2011, the area has had three full-time superintendents – Alan Cunningham, Feargal Patwell and William Duane – interspersed with numerous acting superintendents including Inspectors Luke Conlon, Paul Reidy and Dermot O’Connor, amongst others.

Chief Supt Gerard Roche said the vacancy in Bruff and why a superintendent hadn’t been appointed was raised at the last Joint Policing Committee meeting 

“We made very strong representations to have a superintendent appointed. I’m delighted that the commissioner made the appointment,” said Chief Supt Roche, who knows Supt Featherstone. 

“He is a good experienced officer, particularly in relation to community policing and crime prevention. That is his speciality area. He worked for the last number of years as an inspector in the National Community Policing Office in Harcourt Square in Dublin. He will fit in ideally in Bruff. That is exactly what is needed out there, that is the type of policing that works best out in areas that are predominantly rural like in Bruff. I am delighted he is coming here,” said Chief Supt Roche, who only started in his new position in mid February.

But Chief Super Roche has quickly got up to speed.

“I’ve visited every station in the Bruff area and Limerick at this stage. I wanted to know the issues in each area. I wanted to know what was happening on the ground and if you want to know what is happening on the ground you should go out and walk it,” said Chief Supt Roche, who praised Insp Dermot O’Connor, acting Bruff superintendent for the last number of months.

As well as the Bruff district – the size of Co Louth – getting a new superintendent, there is also extra gardai in the offing.

“Going forward we will be trying to build up the country districts as well as the city districts. As more people come we hope to put more resources out there,” he said. Deputy Niall Collins also welcomed Supt Featherstone. 

“For too long this position has remained vacant. I’ve raised this issue on many occasions with the Minister for Justice and also at Limerick’s Joint Policing Committee meetings. The community living in the Bruff Garda District deserve better and hopefully this latest appointment will allay concerns people have been expressing. For too long it’s been a case of ‘musical chairs’ with this senior garda role. The district poses many challenges from a community policing perspective and hopefully now with strong leadership community concerns will be addressed,” said Deputy Collins.