Share a Dream: Twin fighters set to enjoy special days thanks to Limerick charity

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Shay Kinsella and the Benhaffaf twins

Shay Kinsella and the Benhaffaf twins

TWO little fighters will this week enjoy three very special days – thanks to Share A Dream in Limerick.

Twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf, who are about to celebrate their eighth birthday, had a miracle operation to separate them at birth.

The 14-hour procedure was said to have left the conjoined pair with very ​little chance of survival.

Despite this, the pair are thriving now – and 2018 marks the first year they can have something approaching a normal life after 45 operations, long painful treatments and hospitalisation.

Their mum Angie wrote to Shay Kinsella, the founder of Share A Dream, which is based on the Dublin Road in Limerick.

She said: “The last eight years have been a major challenge for all of us but we will keep doing what we have to do to give our two little fighters as much normality and quality of life as we can possibly give them.”

As a result, the twins will this Thursday enjoy a special day at the charity’s Dreamland attraction, and are enjoying pretending to be firemen, policemen, builders and doctors.

“We want them to just be kids again as they are denied so much because of all the operations and total lack of inclusive play centres,” mum Angie added.

Also joining in the fun are the twins’ sisters Malika and Iman, and father.

Meanwhile, this Friday, they will go behind the scenes at Shannon Airport to see how the base works, including the fire station, check-in area, the tower and operations office.

The pair will even have an opportunity to be pilots!

Finally on Saturday, April 7, the family will arrive back to Dreamland, where all their family, relatives and friends will be waiting for them for a mega party to celebrate the eight years since they were separated.

Shay said: “Dreams do come true if you believe in them work on them and make them happen just look at these little warriors Hassan and Hussein and their wonderful parents.

“There are thousands of parents out there who face each day with this same challenge to give their special children all the love and support they can to give them back their childhood and just let them enjoy life to the best of their ability and see their fondest dream come true.”

The Share A Dream Foundation was founded by Mr Kinsella in 1989 after meeting a seven year old girl who was fighting an uphill battle with Leukaemia.

It aims to give children with conditions – like the Benhaffaf twins from Cork – a series of very special experiences.