Mayor of Limerick claims ‘millions’ being spent by those ‘not in employment’

Jess Casey


Jess Casey

Mayor Stephen Keary

Mayor Stephen Keary

“Millions” are being spent on elaborate homes in Adare and Rathkeale under the eyes of An Garda Siochana and the local authority “by people who do not seem to be in employment”, according to Mayor of the City and County of Limerick. 

With the second highest number of Criminal Assets Bureau ‘targets’ in the country situated across the Limerick District, Mayor Stephen Keary questioned if there could be greater collaboration between CAB and the local authority in tackling those who would appear to be benefiting from a lifestyle of crime. 

Limerick City and County council members were briefed on ongoing CAB proceedings by Chief Bureau Officer Paul Clavin at a recent meeting of the Limerick Joint Policing Committee. 

At the meeting, Mayor Keary acknowledged that there has been very good Garda cooperation in his area recently, but questioned if more could be done. 

“In the area I represent, Adare and Rathkeale, there are millions being spent on very elaborate houses under the eyes of an Garda Siochana and Limerick City and County Council, and this money seems to be being spent by people who do not seem to be in employment.” 

“Their wealth seems to be rolling out the doors.” 

Officer Clavin acknowledged that he is aware of ongoing issues in the area but advised he could not give specific details due to operational reasons. 

“In the broadest terms, there is ongoing collaboration between the Local Authority and CAB,” officer Clavin said. 

“CAB has taken a lot of action in relation to the area you are talking about and we are aware of cases.” 

 “On a yearly basis, CAB has taken action and there are a number of CAB representatives in the areas you are talking about.” 

CAB currently has  61 investigations in the Limerick district, the second highest number of targets outside of Dublin.

A joint operation between CAB, Limerick City and County Council and An Garda Siochana took place in Rathkeale in October 2017. 

In December 2016, a series of raids on 11 properties in Rathkeale led by CAB resulted in the seizure of €100,000 in cash, three valuable watches and a rare rhino cup.