WATCH: Limerick rally hears victims of sexual violence should 'not be discouraged'

Jess Casey


Jess Casey


WATCH:  Limerick rally hears victims of sexual violence should 'not be discouraged'

Crowds gathered in Limerick this Thursday at the #IBelieveHer Solidarity rally Picture: Adrian Butler

VICTIMS of sexual violence in Limerick should not be discouraged to report the crimes committed against them, according to the director of the Rape Crisis Mid-West. 

Miriam Duffy was speaking at a solidarity rally held in Limerick City this Thursday to show solidarity with the woman involved in the Belfast rape trial, after the four men accused were found not guilty. 

Up to 300 people gathered on Thomas Street, some holding placards or yellow flowers, as part of the #IBelieveHer Solidarity rally, organised by the Limerick Feminist Network. 

“Please don’t be discouraged. Keeping coming to us, keeping contacting us,” Ms Duffy said. 

“We will talk with you, we will support you whatever way we can. If you do decide to report, we will stay with you through the whole process.”

“More needs to be reported, and really if it is all kind of brushed under the carpet and people stop reporting, even if the reporting never gets as far as the court, at least the report has been made.” 

A conversation about consent is now needed in light of the case, she added. 

“It’s just wonderful to see so many people out in support today.” 

“It's so important, at times like this, everyone is feeling it. People are triggered for all different reasons, the coming together is a support for the girl, for ourselves and for each other.” 

“When was the last time you had a conversation about sex and consent in the middle of O’Connell Street? At least its getting it out there, everyone who was here today will be going on and talking about it. It's what we need to do, it's what we really need to do.” 

The Rape Crisis Mid-West is available on FreePhone 1800 311511 or 061 311511.