Young men in Limerick hailed as heroes after rescuing dog from freezing River Shannon

Jess Casey


Jess Casey


Young men in Limerick hailed as heroes after rescuing dog from freezing River Shannon

The group who rescued a dog from a freezing cold River Shannon on Friday night. Picture: Limerick Animal Welfare

A group of friends in Limerick have been hailed as heroes after rescuing a dog from drowning in the freezing cold River Shannon on Friday night. 

Colán Eardley, a student at Limerick Institute of Technology, and his friend Sean Curtin were out enjoying the snow in the city centre when they noticed an alsatian getting into difficulty in the river. 

“Myself and a few friends were just out in Arthur’s Quay Park having a snowball fight because, you know we don’t get snow often, just to enjoy it while we can,” Mr Eardley said. 

“Towards the end of the evening, there was an alsatian running around, but there was groups of people around the park so we thought it might have been one of theirs.”

“All of a sudden then as we were leaving, the dog was in the river swimming around, struggling to find a way to get back out. It couldn’t so myself and Sean and a Polish lad, I believe his name is Maciek, went over to pull him out.” 

The group reacted quickly to the situation, quickly climbing down to the area by Arthur’s Quay Park where boats are moored. 

“We climbed down to where the boats are left in and out so we were slightly lower and closer to the river. Maciek was able to grab the dog by the scruff of its neck and I reached down and grabbed him by his front legs and the three of us were able to pull him up from the river. We immediately started cuddling into him once he was out, because he was literally shaking with the cold.” 

“We had to think quickly given the situation. To us, we didn’t do much.” 

Limerick Animal Welfare volunteer Anna then assisted the friends with warming up the dog and transferring him to the vet. 

“The dog is in the vet now, its been fed, its warm, had a load of injections and its healthy anyway. He’s being brought out to the shelter on Monday.” 

“I’m just glad me and the other two boys were there, and thank you to Limerick Animal Welfare for their quick response and the great work they do. They don’t get enough recognition for what they do.” 

Marie Quirke of Limerick Animal Welfare said the rescued dog is recovering well in John O’Dwyer’s vets but is slightly nervous after the incident. 

“He had been seen straying for a while around Limerick but nobody was able to catch him. It was lucky the boys were where they were.” 

The dog does not have a microchip, she added. 

“There should be no problem rehoming him.”

LAW is currently experiencing an extremely busy period due to the weather, she added. 

“If there are any volunteers who might be able to help, with feeding horses around the city, please give us a call,” she said. 

“Or to donate. There’s several ways to do so, you can even donate from your phone.” 

Donations can be made to LAW through its website