Fodder shortage: 'Pockets in Limerick that are struggling'

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Tom Hogan, chairman of IFA national pigs committee; John Paul Riordan, Limerick IFA  secretary; Shay Galvin, IFA chairman; Sean Kelly, MEP; Denis Griffin, IFA development officer and Aidan Gleeson,

Tom Hogan, IFA national pigs committee chair; John Paul Riordan, Limerick IFA secretary; Shay Galvin, Limerick IFA chair; Sean Kelly, MEP; Denis Griffin, IFA development officer and Aidan Gleeson

JOB SATISFACTION alone does not put food on the table or children through college, said Limerick IFA chairman Shay Galvin. 

It is income that does and the IFA fights every day to try and increase farmers incomes, he said in his address at last week’s Limerick IFA AGM.

“Incomes are a problem when trying to encourage younger people into farming. The old joke, ‘You can make a small fortune in farming, provided you start off with a large one’ in a way highlights how much financial risk the farmer takes compared to other people involved in agri-business,” said Mr Galvin.

The event in Adare marked his first year in the role as chairman.

“I want to thank you the people of Limerick IFA for giving me the opportunity to represent you for the last 12 months. It has been both enjoyable and a real eye-opener. Since I became chairman I have met a variety of people from farmers with a few suckler cows to the CEO of Kerry with no cows, young and not so young farmers, part-time farmers working full-time and full-time farmers working part-time, all these people no matter how big or small, all have an important and integral role in Irish agriculture.

“I have tried my best to advance the cause of all Limerick farmers in the last 12 months be that in dealing with Limerick council, Department of Agriculture, milk and meat processors and others. I will continue to do this to the best of my ability into the future,” said the Croom man.

The weather from August has been challenging and while there hasn’t been the widespread devastation like Donegal there are pockets in Limerick that are struggling, he said. 

“They have put down a full winter already and it will be two to three months before they will be able to let animals out. If anybody has fodder for sale or is in need of fodder please let the office know. There has been a few bales donated from other counties for hard cases where lack of money and animal welfare is an issue. Let IFA know of these cases and we will do what we can to help,” said Mr Galvin, who along with guest speaker, Sean Kelly MEP spoke about everything from Brexit to Mercosur. “There are many different issues which affect farmers throughout the county from hen harrier designated land, labour issues, rural crime and many more. To combat these and all issues that may arise we need to stand together, fight for each other, be one voice, united and we all need to get behind your IFA,” said Mr Galvin.