Brave Limerick students get bus to school again after horror crash

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Brave Limerick students get bus to school again after horror crash

The scene of the bus crash near Caherconlish Picture: Keith Wiseman

MANY of the brave students involved in this Wednesday’s horror crash in County Limerick took the bus to school again this morning.

Of the 36 John the Baptist Community School pupils taken to University Hospital Limerick, just two sisters remain in hospital.

“They are fine thank God,” said Noreen Rafferty, principal, who was speaking this Thursday morning.

She says it is back to normal as much as is humanly possible in the Hospital school.

“A good few kids that were in the crash came in the bus this morning. The ones that didn’t come on the bus, a few came in by car. A good percentage of those involved are back today. They are perky, smiley and lively,” said Ms Rafferty, who praised her senior students.

“They are very brave. They are looking after the junior ones. Yesterday they were second to none,” said Ms Rafferty.

The school’s NEPS psychologist, National Educational Psychological Service, Diarmuid O’Rourke is available if the affected teenagers wish to speak to him.

“We have opened our hubs and there is a constant trickle to speak to the counsellor if they want a little bit of time out or a little chat and they are gone back to class again,” said Ms Rafferty.

Students were also thrilled this morning to be reunited with possessions left in the bus during the panic.

“They were delighted to find their phone or tie or their shoe - it’s the little things that matter. Bus Eireann are fantastic and the emergency services were so caring.

“Our teachers, special education needs teachers, caretakers, secretaries are all incredible. They went into action. We have a plan in place which is normal education procedure.

“One of the strengths was the teachers that were driving to school themselves were on the scene and had the children calmed before they went into the ambulances and helped getting them out of the bus,” said Ms Rafferty.