'Mexican stand-off': Hundreds queue for grand opening of Boojum Limerick

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh



'Mexican stand-off': Hundreds queue for grand opening of Boojum Limerick

Hundreds gather for the big burrito bash at Boojum Limerick PICTURE: LIMERICK LEADER

THERE’S a bit of a Mexican stand-off in Limerick city this Friday afternoon as hundreds gather for the grand opening of the highly-anticipated Boojum burrito bar. 

Thirty jobs are to be created at the new popular restaurant, which joins a chain of other Boojum outlets in Ireland; Cork, Dublin, Galway and Belfast. 

Peckish people, of all ages and styles, patiently have been queueing up for the big burrito bash since 11am for the official opening at 11.30am. 

There were a number of smiling faces, as the restaurant was offering a free burrito and a Boojum Limerick t-shirt to the first 300 customers. 

The restuarant in Limerick is the brainchild of David Maxwell and his brother, the former Ulster rugby star Andrew, who have embarked on an aggressive expansion of the ‘fast casual’ restaurant since they purchased it in 2015. 

It’s the firm’s 13th outlet nationwide.

The companyalso teamed up with the Limerick Chamber to host an event for business people in the city this Wednesday evening. 

Boojum Limerick is open every day, from 11.30am to 10pm.